i'm juliana and i'm pattsuan's actual #1 fan

this is a gintama side blog.

(i'm slowly returning from inactivity so bear with me).


I’m afraid I didn’t, anon! I haven’t been very active in the gintama fandom for months tbh, even in my main blog, but hopefully this will change from now on.

Anyway, if you ever feel like talking about okinobu, feel free to send a message anytime! I really love this pairing, but there are barely any actual shippers to talk to? Also, it would be a great way to start getting involved in the fandom again.

<indefinite hiatus>

Over the past few weeks I have been reconsidering how I run this blog: I haven’t been popping in as much as I used to, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve been quietly abandoning it.

So consider this a retirement post.

There are a lot of reasons for my decision, but I think the best way to explain it is that I’m no longer having fun with this blog and there’s no point in perusing a hobby that doesn’t make you happy. It was actually a hard decision for me to make, and despite everything, I don’t regret creating this sideblog and joining this amazing community: Gintama brought us together, and this is seriously the best experience with fandoms I’ve ever had - we were always speculating together, rooting together, cheering and crying together and to be a part of this group of awesome people was fulfilling.

You guys are great for making this experience so wonderful for me. Thank you so much for sticking around ‘till now.

Feel free to unfollow this now inactive blog, and if you’d like to stay in contact, here’s my personal blog. (it’s on semi-hiatus and runs on a queue basis though).


More or less how I see the relationship between these two.


why is hijikata always angry


A long time ago I read a fancomic where these two are childhood friends. It’s pretty likely since only people who’ve known each other for years can cheerfully tell each other to go die