sakatashii asked:
Hey hi! Your thoughts on shinpachi are just so perfect and accurate, shinpachi deserves more attention from the public, and Sorachi himself has talked about shinpachi's strength, next to such monsters he can seem weak, but he isn't, he is amazing too


I think it has something to do with the fact that “niceness” is usually associated uninteresting/boring and it makes no sense for me?? I do understand that Gintama is one of these few series that has such a fantastic and diverse number of characters that it’s hard to pick one as their favourite or to give all of them the same treatment - but to entirely ignore a character’s impact in the series because of a ridiculous reason like the one above is just… idek.

The fact is, when things like this are generally common in a certain fandom, especially when said character is my favourite one in the series, makes me a little bit more protective of him.

autorita asked:
Thank you for answer <3 I like see other ppl who love Shinpachi like me :D Others fan said he's weak and he's not good swordsman... I'm in second season Gintama and I don't see movie but... (I make for yourself spoilers stupid me...) I SEE SHINPACHI! DEAR LORD! HE'S SO HANDSOME! *^* Btw. What are you think about relationships Shinpachi with Gin-chan and Kagura? :) (Sorry for these messages and my english ;v;)

Hey, you don’t need to apologize! I really love talking about gintama (especially re: shinpachi, which is a vERY RARE OPPORTUNITY), and I understand you pretty well! (also, as a matter of fact, my first language isn’t english and I usually struggle with it a lot, so I feel you).

"He’s weak and he’s not a good swordsman" aka bullshit?? He’s constantly surrounded by absolutely, ridiculously strong people - of course his defining characteristic among them isn’t physical strenght, but compared to the average fighter, he’s pretty great (he has been training since he was a kid, for fuck’s sake). Also, Yagyuu arc anyone? Four Devas arc? Obi Wan arc?

Anyway, I’m gonna assume you haven’t seen the last arc I mentioned yet, so I’ll try not to spoil you much but a) you’ll need a bucket for the tears because damn and b) it’s actually one of my favourite arcs in Gintama, because it highlights how much Shinpachi’s truly grown throughout the series. 

Re: his design from the latest movie, I mean, from an aesthetic perspective, it fits him so well, it’s both dramatic and practical and just uNF, what a hottie. But it also breaks my heart and you’ll understand why when you watch it.

ABOUT YOROZUYA, OH MY GOD I literally could spend a day rambling about why I love these three so much and how their relationship as a whole embodies the “found family” trope (which is my absolute weakness) but for now I’ll restrain myself and just explain it from Shinpachi’s perspective, since my answer is getting way too long anyway.

I’ve ranted a little about Kagura and Shinpachi’s sibling-ish dynamics on my personal blog, but I’ll reiterate it here: I simply love how they’re so comfortable with one another, to the point where both of them doesn’t hesitate to bring each other to their senses when one’s being irrational, be it by scolding or punching them. They resonate together during battles, and they balance each other in a brotherly way: Kagura’s abrasive personality contrasts sharply with Shinpachi’s comedic attitude, and yet they’re constantly seen together; the amount of affection they have for each other is equal, if not bigger, than their differences.

As for Gintoki and Shinpachi, I think the relationship between them is so much deeper than simple figurative “mentor/disciple” thing that people usually rant about, and it’s easier to discern just looking at how Gin looks after Shinpachi and his complete and utter faith in him and how Shinpachi truly looks up to Gintoki as a samurai, friend, and a part of his family; because despite the constant glasses jokes and pattsuan’s dramatic moments, the kind of understanding, fondness and appreciation they have for each other is something I absolutely love.

autorita asked:
ASDFGHJKL Finally I found ! So much Shinpachi! (He's my fav too ~!) Thank you for start this blog <33

I’ve been in this fandom for over three years (I used to run a different gintama blog then w/ the same url of now) but I think this is genuinely the first time I’ve seen another person who also considers pattsuan as their favourite

and I’m really, really glad to hear that??? glasses is a fucking nerd to a T, but I think that it’s his particular flaws and complexities that make him so appealing to me tbh: his sister complex, his inclination to care for other people, his fan obsession and the fact that he’s overall dramatic and exaggerated

and it makes me so joyful to see how far he has come and how he has become so comfortable with himself, working that self-confidence, embracing all those dorky weird parts of himself or just the fact he has evolved from this insecure boy at the beginning of the series to this confident young man who’s so comfortable with himself and more than capable of supporting people around him and I just LVOE HIM SO MUCH

idek, in most fandoms, there’s always been something of a stigma re: “nice” characters, who are usually considered boring and inherently less interesting than “~badass (aka physically strong)~” characters and I want to kiLL THAT IDEA W/ FIRE

shinpachi, hinowa, otose and/or hasegawa are as complex and important as gintoki, kagura, tsukuyo, and/or zura and I’ll go down w/ this notion


Happy birthday Anego!!


Happy birthday Anego!!

the ladies of gintama

friendly reminder that when mitsuba is on her death bed, she pats her brother’s face (◕‿◕✿)

and when she dies, sougo reaches for her hand so he can feel her touch for the last time just a little bit longer (◠‿◠✿)

(gintama) artists on tumblr || masterlist

Inspired by this post.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of really lovely and talented artists that I could find who produce gintama-related art originated on tumblr.

This list is always subject to change and will be constantly updated over time. If you know any other artist on tumblr that isn’t on the list, or if you’d like to be added to/removed from it, please feel free to send me a message.

Please also note that some of them may or may not have an account on twitter/pixiv/deviantart/etc; regardless, it’s incredibly important to give them support by reblogging from them - I’ve seen so many reposts (or even worse, people blatantly linking themselves as the source) from artists that have their own tumblr, when all people needed to do is click two times and have the original post on your blog.

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